New Hire Pension and Insurance Information has been added at the bottom ot this page.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield National PPO Plan (NPPO) is the carrier for your medical coverage.

It is very important that you select doctors and hospitals that are participating in our network.

The way to determine if a doctor or hospital is in our network is to call 1-800-810-2583 or on the web site Network (P).

You may also acquire the directory of doctors and acute care centers by calling the BC/BS National PPO customer service number: 1-800-792-7484 and request one.

The weekly premium for the active employee is Single - $5.00, Employee/Spouse - 12.00,
Employee/Children - $12.00, Family - $18.00.

Prescription Drug Changes


* Three Tier Co-Payment structure

- Retail: $10.00 - Generic / $25.00 - Preferred Brand / $40.00 - Non-preferred Brand; 30 day supply; Hard MAC applies.

- Mail Order: $20.00 - Generic / $50.00 - Preferred Brand /
$80.00 - Non-Preferred Brand; 90 day supply; Hard MAC applies.

* 50% co-payment for Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease drugs,
including proton pump inhibitors such as Nexium and oral contraceptives for employees and spouse.

* Formulary - the list of preferred prescription drugs as determined
by a panel of physicians, pharmacists and pharmacologists.

* Generic Drugs - same chemical equivalence of a brand name drug - lowest co-payment.

* Preferred Brand Name Drugs - Brand name drugs that are determined to be more effective than others for treating certain medical conditions.

* Non- Preferred Brand Name Drugs - Brand name drugs that
have the highest co-payment.

* Mandatory Generic (Hard MAC) Program - Applies to Retail
and Mail Order Scripts.



Benefits Call Center   Medical Insurance Carrier
Goodyear Benefits Solution Center   Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield
P.O. Box 52040   P.O. Box 37690
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2040   Louisville, Ky. 42033-7690
1-800-334-9395   1-800-792-7484
Fax: 1-602-797-6424   Precert: 1-866-776-4790

    Find a doctor: 1-800-810-2583
Dental Insurance   or
Delta Dental    
P.O. Box 9085   Employee Savings Plan
Farmington Hills, MI. 48333-9085   J.P. Morgan
1-800-524-0149   1-800-345-2345
Minnesota Mutual Life Ins.   Accident & Sickness (A&S)

Liberty Mutual   To report claims call:
Prescription Drugs    
Express Scripts   Vision Care
Mail Pharmacy Service   Eye Med
P.O. Box 66915   ATTN: Claims Dept.
St. Louis, MO. 63166-6915   1925 Enterprise Parkway
1-800-772-3980   P.O. Box 8056   Twinsburgh, OH. 44087
Workers' Compensation   Call: 1-800-988-4221 to locate
Liberty Mutual   provider
P.O. Box 7170
Indianapolis, IN. 46207    
1-800-752-5832   Stock Option
Fax: 1-603-334-0202  

Smith - Barney


Coordination of Benefits (C.O.B.)

Working Spouse Provision Effective January l, 2004

When a spouse or a dependent of an Employee is eligible to be covered by another employer sponsored group hospital, surgical, medical or prescription drug program, and the Employee is eligible for the Company’s healthcare coverage, the spouse or dependent must elect that company’s healthcare coverage. The Company will reimburse, on a quarterly basis, 50% of the spouse’s or dependent’s contribution for “single only” coverage from an employer-sponsored plan for the most comparable coverage as available under the Company’s healthcare program.

If the spouse or dependent elects not to enroll in their own employer-sponsored group healthcare coverage, coordination of benefits will apply. Like Goodyear, most employers that offer healthcare benefits have an open enrollment process each fall for the upcoming benefit year. Employees with working spouses or other dependents that have access to healthcare coverage elsewhere need to take action during the spouse’s/dependent’s open enrollment period. For further details contact your human resources department or your local union benefits representative. A new Coordination of Benefits (C.O.B). form must be filled out every year or when your spouse gains or loses coverage through their employer, as well as if your spouse’s premiums for coverage change.

In Case of Dependent Changes

It is very important that you notify the company of any changes within 30 days, including such things as:

* Marriage
* Death of any dependents such as your spouse or child
* Birth or adoption of a child
* Change of address
* Change in medical/prescription coverage for your spouse through their employer or former employer

The medical plan requires that you notify the company within 30days of any change in your spouse’s coverage or a change with your dependents.

It is also important that you notify the company if you have a change in address so that benefit communications are sure to reach you.

You may be requested to provide documentation of the change.

You may contact your Local Human Resources Department or call the Benefits Helpline at 1-800-334-9395.


New Hire Employee Benefits

After accumulating six months of continuous service, New Hire Employees will be eligible for the New Employee Benefit Program,
which includes the following two benefits:


(1) The New Hire Medical Plan provided through Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
(2) The New Hire Prescription Drug Plan with the following co-pay structure:

Retail Mail Order
(30 day supply) (90 day supply)

Generic................................................$15.00 $ 30.00
Preferred Brand..................................$ 40.00 $ 80.00
Non Preferred Brand..........................$ 70.00 $ 140.00

4th tier: Co-pay of 50% if on Formulary, 100% Non Formulary for drugs to treat Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease,
Erectile Dysfunction, Nail Fungus and Non-Sedating Antihistamines.

The employees premium (cost) for the New Hire Medical and Prescription Drug Plan is as follows:

Employee Only Coverage..............................................$ 5.00 per week
Employee and Spouse Coverage..................................$ 12.00 per week
Employee and Child(ren) Coverage.............................$ 12.00 per week
Family Coverage...........................................................$ 18.00 per week

Pension and Insurance information can be obtained by contacting Jerry Ivey (the Pension and Insurance Representative) at the Union Hall. You can come by and see him or call at: 1-731-885-6641 or fax to: 731-885-4522. He will be glad to assist you with any of the items listed above.